Tuesday 1/31/12

Today was an exciting day. My first time doing speed work.

Woke at 4:00am
Ran with the team a 2 mile warm up run at around 8 ppm
Did dynamic stretching
Track work consisted of two sets of 800k at 10k pace, 600k at 10k pace, and 400k at 5k pace. The were 200k jog breaks between each distance. We were supposed to do three to six sets of these but I decided since this was my first time to take it easy. Glad I did. It felt great, but it was hard at the end. Then on the second set it started out easy but then got really hard. I ran with Denny and it was not easy to keep up with him!

Went to work.

Came home and ran a fast 2 miles at about 7:57 ppm. to help break in the new orthotics. I just can’t tell if I am ready to use them full time in my training or not. I’m planning in running in them for three miles tomorrow and seeing how things feel. Thursday is supposed to be a tempo run and I just don’t want to over due my mileage too soon with the new footbed!


About davidnolsen

I am a 6 through 8 grade music teacher. I enjoy many outdoor activities including hiking, backpacking, and kayaking. I am also a big computer geek. I love learning about computers, programing, web design and just how it all works. I began running in August of 2011 to support my future wife with her goal of running in the 2012 Disney Marathon. I have subsequently become pretty addicted to running and this is a journal of my past, present, and future running shenanigans. Stick around for a while if you wish and I hope you enjoy the ride, I know I am joying it! View all posts by davidnolsen

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