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The Rest of the Week

While I feel as if most of this week was a loss, because of lack of running, I have to think that this time off will hopefully result in a stronger me.

Thursday resulted in no aqua jogging but instead a late night 10 mile cycling trek. While this was disappointing it felt great once I was on the bike and almost done. My bike route is becoming a bit boring so I need to probably start finding something  bit more interesting. I did not have to dodge cars this time, but I did almost take a face plant because of a curb. I think I need a lamp. One thing I really like about the route though is the remoteness of it. There is about a 3 mile stretch that is on a four lane highway with sidewalks (just sitting there waiting for development) that is really dark (no street lights) and desolate.

On another note, my bike is making crazy weird sounds when I peddle and also when I punch it it the gears slip. I called a place close by for some work and they are only available during the week.  ARG! Going to have to creatively plan on how to get it into the shop for adjustments.

Friday I went to work, just a teacher work day (no students), got all my work done early so I got to go to the YMCA and do 30 minutes of aqua jogging. I chose to try 30:30 second intervals. It started out hard but then got a bit easier. My goal is to work up to 1:1 intervals. I still seem to get a weird swelling in my left knee.  I don’t really understand what it is and I don’t even know where to start to figure out who to see for something like this.

Today and tomorrow….dont know yet what I am going to do.  Probably cycle today and aqua jog tomorrow.  Tuesday I am supposed to get my shoes back (fingers crossed!).  Then I will get back into running with my current insert and walk for that week with my new custom insert.

GOAL THIS YEAR: 3 Marathons

1: Disney Marathon

2: ?

3: ?

And So It Begins…

One week ago today I ran my first Marathon. I ran the 2012 Disney Marathon with my future wife. It was one of the best experiences I have had to this point in my life.

This amazing experience is why I am starting this journal. My goal in August when she and I began training for Disney was to finish the marathon. Now that that goal has been met I am slowly formulating a new goal. I know it is going to take patience and time, but I want to run ultra-marathons.

I have never considered myself an athlete by any stretch of the word. I played basketball growing up and also golf. I was very involved with music (hence becoming a music teacher) and therefore did not have time to be involved with sports.

Kris, my future wife, had a goal to run the Disney Marathon at the conclusion of her residency in internal veterinary medicine and also as part of her “bucket list.” I thought it would be nice to show my support for her and participate. Little did I know what I was getting myself into.

All of this began very grueling for me. Our runs started as short three milers and intervening those by running for 3 minutes and then walking for 2. She was more in shape than I was and thankfully patient as I worked up my physical conditioning.

The day it all clicked for me was when a friend of mine invited me on a run with him. He was working on the couch to 5K program on his phone. He was running a full 3 miles without stop.

Going on a run….be right back…

Ok, so where was I…

My friend and I went on our 3 mile run. His pace was such that we could hold a conversation. Before I knew it we were done! I had run 3 miles without stopping! From then on I was inspired that I was in fact able to run!

That next weekend I came home to the first of our distance runs (7 miles). I was determined to run this distance without stopping! I convinced Kris that we could do it and off we went. It was very difficult but we did achieve the 7 mile run without stopping. Looking back, it was probably not what we should have done for our first time at distance, we should probably had intervaled the run, but it is what it was. We were both very tired after the run and I had felt extremely dizzy for the last mile of the run.

After this initial distance run we both agreed that we would follow the Jeff Galloway method more closely for training for our marathon in January.

I don’t know where this journal will take me or how much I will post. I am shooting for posting something once a week. Feel free to follow me along this crazy journey called life and with my new found addiction. My next post will probably be more about the starts of all this and my journey to the finish of my first marathon and also my quest for the next race.