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This is going to be a quick short post…I don’t know if anyone would find this interesting…but this is my journal…just a place to spill what is going on in my head. : -)

So I have started having some interesting dreams. Last night I dreamt that I was in Newberry, Florida, and lived in Gainesville, Florida, in a old location. Out of the blue I decided, Im going to run home! So I started out not really caring about anything else. I had just regular shorts and a t-shirt on and it was sort of late in the day. I started running for home, but instead of taking the most direct route home I realized, already well into the journey, that I was running in a very convoluted route home that would turn out to be about 23 miles (I mapped it when I got up this morning just to see what the distance would be)!

And then what was even more strange is that I was running barefoot! And my feet were not really my feet…they were acting more as an animal foot (if you can imagine for a moment that my heel was really high in the air much like a cat or dog and that i just used the ball of my foot).

Finally the last weird part of the dream before I woke up was that I came across this weird fossil/animal place along the first few miles. Where I stopped and explored just for a bit.

Yeah, so that is it! Weird running dream.