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Lots Happening!

A lot of time has gone by since my last post. I even have a draft post (which will probably just stay sitting there and not get posted) but just have not had time to finish and post anything.

I went ahead and bit the bullet on a watch. I got the Garmin 610 and LOVE IT! I bought it for a particular run in Clermont, Florida, because I wanted to check out all of the elevation changes everyone boasts about. AND plus I just wanted to get it!

That Clermont run turned out to be canceled due to lightning…so I came home and ran my own half-marathon in 2:05! That was a new PR for me…i know…it was not a race.  Still!  I was proud of my accomplishment even if it was for myself….that is why I am doing this right?  Yes!

My week this week was VERY hectic. I took 119 of my students (three different orchestra classes) to performance assessments on Thursday and they all did very well. Then I came home and then ate sushi with the love of my life and  ran 8 miles to celebrate! Great way to end a perfect day! When you have a field trip of this magnitude on one day with middle schoolers….the whole week winds up being crazy!

Back to the Garmin 610. I read many comments/complaints about the sensitivity of the touch screen. I love how easy it is to use. It is just right. Not too easy to use and not too tough to use. They even state on the site that it is adjusted to need just a bit of effort to use the screen so as not to accidentally alter something while you are running. On another note, the only thing you can do with the screen during the run is change what view you are using….you physically have to hit one of the buttons to alter what is being recorded. Again, a nice feature. The heart rate monitor took just a little getting used to. I do like it. The first time I wore it it felt like it was falling off, but I just put that out of my mind and now I don’t even notice I have it on. I also really like the vibration alerts rather than the beeps and too like the virtual partner.

My milage is now recorded as I walk into the house. The watch automatically connects to the computer when I get home and uploads to my garmin connect page. I then go into dailymile (which I just switched to from Map My Run) and hit sync and my Garmin data is synced with dailymile. I add some notes as to how things went and bam…done! Check out my dailymile by clicking on the link on the sidebar if you want more detail about my shenanigans, or even friend me if you too use dailymile if you want, that would be kinda cool!

My goal for this week is to run 35 miles. I think I will meet and beat that…hopefully not by much because I want to build and not overdue. Tomorrow is the Swamphouse half marathon that I am running with Kirstin, and I am sitting on about 28 miles for this week. I am really looking forward to just a nice fun run. I am not making any plans to run it fast, but just enjoy an nice run with a great person. There is plenty of time in life to run fast and I must enjoy every minute I get to just be with her.


A Whole New World!

Saturday morning seems to have sparked an already lit fire in me. I joined MarathonFest and met up with a group of runners in Apopka, Fl for hill training. We ran 6.5 miles (turned out to be about 7) at around 10:38 pace. Our group leader is Wendy. She is really nice, full of energy, and very inspirational. Then there is Mike, Nichole, and Denny. Not quite sure how to spell their names (except for Mike). Denny is training for his second Boston Marathon and is coming off of being injured, which is why he was running with our group, and Nichole is working her way to the Rock n’ Roll in Nashville.

I found hill training to be a lot of fun! I enjoyed our pace and the great conversations from the group. They had only met once prior to this run so everyone is still getting to know everyone and it is a really nice atmosphere. I liked going up the hills far more than going down the hills. I think I might be missing something about the going down part and may need to find out if I am doing it the right way.

Our group is meeting again on Tuesday for a 10 mile run on the Cady Way Trail. I think that we are going to do a tempo run but not really sure yet.

One of the first questions I was asked was what was the marathon I was training for currently to which I did not have a reply except for that I wanted to do two more before the year was out. They all kind of giggled and mentioned another runner who trained for a whole year before being able to commit to a run!  Well. I have been doing a whole lot of searching and planning since that run Saturday morning (yes….all what 24 hours…) and I think I have a bit of a draft of where I see the rest of the year going. I have a few friends who have suggested that the Nashville Rock n’ Roll marathon is a nice one and that also Chicago and NY would too be nice marathons. One even suggested Boston! (I told them that I am not fast enough for that!)

So here is my current draft plan: Nashville’s Rock N’ Roll Full on April 28 and then the Space Coast Full on the Sunday after Thanksgiving. Another race that I am considering as part of my training for Nashville would include running with my friend Bill in the Five Points of Life Half Marathon in Gainesville, FL.

I get nervous that I am biting off more than I can chew…but I just don’t know. I feel great. These sound like accomplishable goals….I just feel like I need reassurance from somewhere that something like what I am planning is OK.

On another note. I am going to the track store and looking at watches. I like the Garmin 610 and the Nike+ and would like to look at both. I don’t really know which I would pick or which is better. I have been doing a bit of research on both. I like the looks of the Nike…but I like the name of Garmin and the features it seems to come with over the Nike. I also like the display that the Nike uses as it looks much easier to look at at a quick glance. But I imagine if you know your watch well enough that you can find what you need quickly at a glance anyway.