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Monday 1/23/12

I am finding it a bit hard to come up with titles for my posts…

Today was amazing! First, Kris is out of town….which is not amazing..it is lonely..but I digress, I worked (needless to say), then I came home with basically one goal: to go to the YMCA and do some strength training and aqua jogging.  There were many obstacles in my way.

I came home from work and then had to complete all of the animal chores. We have four cats and a dog. One of our cats is blind and deaf and all of our cats require medications (fun!). Then after the chores I had to bag six piles of leaves that Kris had raked up on Sunday. This task was done around 6:30 pm in the dark.  NOT FUN.  Then I ate, had a chicken sandwich. And finally off to the YMCA!

This was my first time at this Y and my first time strength training as a runner. The free weight area was VERY small at being that it was 7:30 at night it was PACKED with people. My exercises included deadlifts, dumbbell step-ups, single-leg romanian deadlifts (or a variation of that), single-leg press, two-legged press, and some core work on my lower back. I took it a bit easy on the weight just to get back into strength training. My goal is to increase the weight to develop more muscle to use for running long distances and eventually at a faster pace.

Aqua jogging was next. Little did I know that this pool only got as deep at 4.5′. It is not easy to run in a pool that shallow!  This did not go well and eventually I aborted my run and tried a few laps in the pool….I don’t have eye goggles so I also aborted that and just hung on to the side for a while and kicked my legs.

Hoping that my shoes come in tomorrow and I can get back on the ol’ road! I am really wanting a run!